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Clear Aligner is a clear removable cosmetic appliance designed for minor teeth movement of patients 14 and older. Clear Aligner technology can straighten teeth that are crowded, rotated, tilted forward, backward using exact impressions taken by dentist and custom-made, Clear Aligner are fabricated from the impressions at each and every 6 week treatment interval.

This technique has proven to be effective in clinical studies at universities and private practices worldwide. Thousands of dentists are treating patients with Clear Aligner and you can too.

Now, by using a propriety formulation, Clear Aligner have become even more effective as they are so much more comfortable and less traumatising to the teeth, dental roots and associated surrounding bone to achieve orthodontic movement at its highest level.

The CLEAR-ALIGNER splint allows you to speak and laugh as normal.
During treatment you can speak and laugh - because the CLEAR-ALIGNER splint is made out of clear transparent material, thus allowing a good and confident feeling. With the CLEAR-ALIGNER you will be unaware of its presence, giving you normal mouth feeling. The CLEAR-ALIGNER splint guarantees a good, nearly familiar mouth feeling. Without screws and wires, it is smooth and comfortable to wear.
When eating or cleaning the teeth whenever you want - remove the splint easily and without difficultly.


Adult "invisible braces" (which are not really braces at all, but clear plastic retainers) are a new technique for adults to obtain the results of braces without wearing braces! This technique, which is effective only for mild to moderate crowding, utilizes a series of retainers (computer generated or lab constructed) that are worn sequentially until the desired correction is achieved.