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Research & Publications

Research & Publications

Dr. Rohan Mascarenhas

  • Factors contributing to gingival smile Journal of Indian orthodontic Society 1995
  • Arch perimeter and palatal changes on rapid Palatal Expansion - A clinical study - Journal of Indian orthodontic society-2004-37:204-212
  • Extrusion of fractured teeth – A case report -Journal of Clinical Orthodontics -2008, No.10,591-593
  • A new technique in indirect bonding Journal of Clinical Orthodontics - 2009
  • A new Sagittal dysplasia indicator: The yen Angle -World journal of orthodontics-2009
  • Dr. Rohan Mascaernhas has written a Textbook on "Essentials of Orthodontics" for undergraduates dental students which has been published by JAYPEE publishers.

Dr. Rohan Mascaernhas is currently writing a Text book of Orthodontics for Undergraduates to be published by JAYPEE publishers.

Dr. Prasanna J Rao

  • Ajay Nayak, Laxmikanth Chatra, Prashanth Shenai K, Prasanna Kumar. Herpes Zoster of the Maxillary nerve – a case report. Karnataka State Dental Journal
    (In Press)
  • Rao PKJ, Shabnam NR, Bailoor DN. Angioedema: A Threat in Dental Practice. Kerala Dental Journal 2005
  • Shabnam NR, Rao PKJ, Chatra LK, Bailoor DN. Monostotic fibrous Dysplasia: Two Case Reports. Karnataka Dental Journal 2005
    Book Publication
  • Fundamentals of Oral Medicine and Radiology (3rd edition) – Bailoor DN & Nagesh KS (editors) 2005, Jaypee Bros
    • 1. Radiotherapy in head and neck cancers (404-414)
    • 2. Complementary and alternative medicine: emerging vistas in healing (415-426)
  • Competent doctor of today – Chief author; Innovative educational services 2004

Dr. Sanath Shetty

  • Imaging in Implantology- Journal of Indian Prosthodontic Society Jan- Mar. –2005 vol. 5.
  • Removal of cemented fixed prosthesis- KSDJ-Vol-24, Oct. –2005.
  • Simple intraoral technique for prevention of breakage of teeth of a cast during its removal from final impression.-Journal of Indian prosthodontic society-vol.-6 , 2006.
  • The Selective pressure Maxillary Impression-A review of the techniques and Presentation of Alternate Custom Tray Design’- Journal of Indian prosthodontic society - 2007.