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The Pre-Orthodontic TRAINER is a prefabricated, single size, dental positioner, computer designed to incorporate myofunctional and tooth positioning characteristics.
It comes ready to use, requires no impressions and no molding. This allows it to be implemented from 6 years of age while the permanent teeth are erupting and the child is still growing (prior to orthodontic treatment).

The Pre-Orthodontic Trainer improves the face as well as the teethby correcting the myofunctional habits that cause the malocclusion.
The TRAINER¨ is made from a non-thermoplastic polyurethane. The material has both flexibility and inherent memory. The premoulded upper and lower labial bows have a similar effect to that of orthodontic archwire. That is, they are premoulded to the parabolic shape of the natural arches and adapt to large and small arches alike.
As with archwire, the TRAINER¨ does not require to be different sizes, only distal length varies, which can be trimmed accordingly to the distal position of the first permanent molars. The labial bows combined with anterior tooth channels afford a constant force on misaligned anterior teeth to assist in the correction of their position. There is a starting TRAINER¨ made of a soft and very flexible material for maximum compliance. This also allows it to adapt to the most severely misaligned teeth. The starting (blue) TRAINER¨ imparts only light force on the teeth, then after 6-8 months the firmer (pink) TRAINER¨ , which imparts a much higher force on the misaligned anterior teeth, is implemented.

This is the principle behind the straight wire technique, starting with a light wire then progressing to firmer wire as the teeth come into better alignment. (only 1.7gm of force is required to move an anterior tooth 5) Computer design technology has allowed this principal to be incorporated into the TRAINER¨.